Sunday, 25 January 2015

Crochet Arts 2014


Assalamualaikum !

*it's been a long time. busy la katerkan :p*

University life puts me into a much much hactic life, but I never left crochet behind. However, I didn't spend time crocheting as much as I was in school. If I did, itu namanya mintak kena tarik scholarship.

At least, I bring some yarns and keep it in a drawer. When ever I feel stress, I can have a "window yarns" into the drawer. 

I have a habit, which is bad for me if I can't control it. I do love to hunt for yarns through website about a week before final examination. Kononnya, nak prepare untuk cuti sem xD But, I my hands can't keep from crocheting new yarns. I was so excited to start new projects. Heee. Fortunately I have a lot of friends that could stop me from doing so. 

These are some new projects I have done since first semester :)

The first and the foremost project in UTP, I crochet this for my dear El Balqis, French youg lady to be x)

First kopiah, I try to google out how to crochet letters and I made it ! Credit to this little boy Umayr, cousin's son.

First sem break order, the Amigurumi Totoro

This beautiful actually is for Miss Hani's wedding, but unfortunately in was missing in action. Soooo saddd T.T

However, I made it again because my dearest sister was getting married! Then I know why the first one was missing, because my sister gonna be the first lady to receive this !

I do fall in love with this granny square pattern. Wishing to make a bag during sem break.

And... tadaaaaa. My first ever bag ! <3

This is for my mother, birthday gift kononnya 

Andd Amigurumi Kerochan :)

That's all :D