Monday, 11 January 2016

Touchdown 2016: I am Twenty !

Assalamualaikum and hi !

While I'm writing this, it's already 11th day in 2016,

and I am twenty,
and I cannot sleep ( due to everyday's life in study week )

I just finished my final examination and get ready for daurah ! and next is the 4 months' break where I target to achieve profit more than a thousand $$.

Okey, back to twenty topic.

Being twenty is not really pleasant, I think. Not really pleasant as the 'teen' years, have to feel like an adult right now.

The hot topics among me and my crazy friends are about the number '20', where we did feel that being twenty is like waiting a big responsible.

Being twenty is like a preparation to be adult. We have to start looking around the adult stuff like; what current issues right now, what is your preparation before you graduate, which party would you like to vote, which spouse you want to marry with, finances, and so on.

And so, yah, I do google some tips of being twenty, but western opinions, ((huhuhu)). Some of them they talked about finance, about occupation, future life... and etc.

What do I worry is about my future. What should I do to prepare myself before graduate? Before getting married? What will happen to m country when I graduated? Do I get occupation that I wanted to be? Since the economic growth in Malaysia is getting worst so I'm not sure of my personal future.

Just get prepared for my own survival. Preparing for the worst.

There's a lot of 'muhasabah umur 20' lately, I wrote them in my LINE account on my phone. One of them is:

1. You are twenty but you attitude is just like normal teens: wake up late, lazy, 'mereput', don't know what to do, don't know how to cook, nothing to contribute to society, selfish, evil,.....

And when you married and you expected you future children behave kind to themselves and to you?

2. Have any backup plan to face future 2020?

3. and many others....

So, what are my plans?

I want to read back my books. It's a long time I didn't read books like i used to do when I was in primary school. I achieved Nilam award when I was young but then I am nothing when I grew up.

I want to have savings as much as possible, I want to see my business really succeed before I graduated.

I started to read current issues, not directly in newspaper because I have no time to buy, but my option is to utilize the app PlaynewsStand in my Samsung mobile. Seriously I really open my eyes wide to see those things. Apart from that, I do read about current issues on what I like to do; like netball, crochet, sciences, engineering, and oil and gas industry.

It's really fun, and easy because everything is on my phone.

I'm trying to be more mature in terms of thinking when I'm reaching twenty.

By the way, I'm not officially twenty. But will be twenty on July soon :P

Stop until here. Wanna get sleep.