Monday, 20 March 2017

Pernah Rasa Kau Tak Guna Dalam Komuniti Terdekat Kau? (eg; friends and families)

I watched a video from facebook published by Omeleto, I think, about a young boy commit suicide because of a text message.

He was bullied by his classmate, since elementary school til high school. However, when he was in high school, he exploded. 

To be short and nice, he received a text message from his classmate that mentioned; why not you put your gun on your head and get off from this world? 

And he reply; Don't worry, i won't see you tomorrow.

Eventually, he really did it.

His mother received a lot of letters from his friend, families and relatives, how the boy do matter to some people out there.

I repeat, the boy do MATTER to someone out there.

He just feeling he doesn't matter to anyone.

I was so touched

I do feel the same, in some times. I feel I am not matter to people around me. To my family and friends.

But here, I found a very good tips to overcome this kind of feeling. You won't commit suicide, or at least your heart won't commit suicide.

Believe me, there's a lot of people out there will recognize you, will remember you, and will love you as well. 

Whenever the closest people lost faith to you, go out meet other people, meet strangers. Help them, talk to them, give them your love, and you will get it back somewhere.

This is how I build my confidence, and energize me back to continue my life journey. I believe there's a lot of people need me. Maka berbaktilah !

Remember this sentence; you do matter to someone out there. you do matter.


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