Saturday, 7 December 2013

Last Crochet In Taayah


Assalamualaikum :)

Officially, I am an ex-taayah. No more secondary school, maybe.

Some body said:

Kalau kita belajar, kita belajar betul-betul. Kalau kita main, kita main betul-betul.

Agaknye la kann, kalau kita crochet, kita crochet betul-betul jugak la kan?

Anyway, this is my first post after SPM. Eventhough I was struggling for it, I still have my time with my crochet. Plus, I create new amigurumi for my friend without references !

First, I made new kind case cover. It's green, because I heard that Ustazah Rozaidah loves green so much!

I made it after we finished our addmaths exam. Such wrecking my nerve. Crochet can release my stress.

Next, suddenly I would like to 'knit' instead of 'crochet'. What is the differences between them? We use a pair off needle without hook to knit but we only use one hooked-needle to crochet.

When I was form 3, my friend El thought me about the knit. She learned from her sister. Her sister, even she's now a doctor, is very good in knitting and crochet.

I didn't have the needles to knit, so El gave me a pair of wooden chopstick :D Aku kire hape janji aku dapat knitting

Well, this is my knit. Heeee ~

Could you see the chopstick? heheh

Next! My friend's cousin will be married. She asked me a suitable gift for the wedding day. I made a pair of amigurumi lovely hearts with wings! ala-ala Pertapa Arjuna gituuuu

We share love <3

Next, the tafsir cover crochet. Saje buat sebab bosan, and also some photographs.

This girl is TashaLeee. Luv Perak soo much !

Next, Amigurumi Banana. Requested by Afn when I was form 3. Lame gile kann?

I luv this so much! for her birthday on 4th December.

Lastly, another couple of love.

I lost my black beads --'. The eyes from white one I just sew them. Huhu. Anyway, the cuteness still maintained. Hehehe.

These are the last crochet un Taayah. Gaya cam tak exam je aku. But if you are a good player in time, you can do 10 tasks in a time. Like Hassan Al Banna said:

Works are much more than time we have

Be a good time manager :)

~2nd Safar 1435 H~

2 positive feedback:

miss watip said...

waaah best nye crochet 2. susah x??? nak buat jugak

Yarn Lover said...

@miss watip
try tengok youtube. hehehe. yang penting kena ada minat, so susah mcm mne pon rse nak redah juge